About Us

We are the “Travel Buddies” and welcome to our blog. Emma (on the rightt) and I (on the left) are friends since we met at college seven years ago. We started to travel more when we finished college three years ago. We both have a love for travel and it’s our hobbie as we both work full time. Emma works in tourism and I work in marketing, which is a great combination to start a travel blog.

We like to travel whenever we get a chance with a combination of weekend trips and we also plan one big trip a year.  We want to document all the place we have been, our tips for traveling to these place and to share our knowledge with others. As the name says “Travel Buddies”, we will have guest blogs also where our “buddies” will write blogs on where they have traveled and we will also be traveling with more of our buddies on some of our trips.

We hope you enjoy our travel blog 🙂