New York.. New York.. New Yorkkkk :)


The City that never sleeps..

Where do I start with New York…… What a city. We traveled to New York City in September and stayed four nights before then moving onto Las Vegas and staying there for another for nights. We booked our holiday through American Holidays in Dublin which included all flights and accommodation which was great.

We arrived in New York on a Thursday morning after flying for six hours from Dublin. Excited to get of the plane and explore New York was an understatement. It was our first time going to America so we couldn’t wait to get there.

Transport from JFK Airport to Times Square

We had no transport booked before getting to New York. So we decided to get a taxi and just followed the signs to the taxi rank. When we were approaching the taxi rank a few people came over to us trying to scam us to get in their taxi but do avoids these people as they will over charge you and aren’t approved taxi drivers. The security guys got rid of them and we walked on to the approved taxi rank. We queued in line for 10 – 15 mins for a taxi and that’s when the heat hit us, it was so nice. Our taxi to our hotel on Times Square was about 60 minutes and cost us around 60 dollars and from then ion the tipping begun. You have to remember in America you have to tip taxis, restaurants etc .


We Stayed in the Edison Hotel on 47th Street just around the corner from Times Square. We booked this through an travel agency so this was already paid for. They did asked us did we want to upgrade our room so we had a lounge area separate to our room, free WiFi for our stay and a coffee machine. It was 30 dollars extra each, we decided to go wit this for the extra space and WiFi and go all out.

The room was lovely, it was nice to have the lounge with a sofa, TV, a coffee maker and even a table and desk. The bathroom was my favourite because it was a marble tiled bathroom and the shower was amazing with the rainfall shower. The bedroom itself was small enough but it was all we needed and the room did have a view of Times Square from the window . The one thing we did have trouble with was the WiFi in our room, I think this was because we were the end room of the corridor and we had to go to the door of our hotel room to get any WiFi. Apart from that our stay was very comfortable. We didn’t eat in the hotel so we cant comment on that, there’s so much choice in New York we wanted to explore an eat out while we were there.


Famous Famiglia

“New Yorks favorite Pizza”

What’s the first thing we try when we are in New York. PIZZA…. I had two slices of peperioni pizza and Emma had two slices of the mageritha pizza and I think they were a few dollars a slice and they were unreal and so filling that kept us going for the day.


We had heard of Stardust before we had arrived in New York.  This was on our list to for breakfast one of the mornings. We decided to go our first morning in New York before we went sight seeing for the day. It’s a very busy place, we were lucky to get a seat.  You are sitting in a row and people either side of you but’s it a fun experience with the wait staff getting up and singing every few minutes it’s a great way to start the day. I got the pancakes with berries which were lovely and I don’t think I would even finish them there was that much of them. Emma got the breakfast bagel she didn’t like here mini hash browns, that’s what I like to call them but I eat most of them.

New York Hot Dog Truck

Sorry but you cant go to New York and not get a hot dog from the hundreds of hot dog trucks every where you go. So I got myself a hot dog and a smoothie after we visited the 9/11 memorial to keep us going for the rest of the day. I have to say they were both fab.

Hilton Garden Inn

We had a busy day in New York and we got the subway back from the Brooklyn Bridge and we were so hungry and we wanted to go for food near our Hotel. We seen the Hilton Garden Inn and decided to treat ourselves, sure why not were in New York. The service was so good and the food was divine. I got the seafood spaghetti and a Gin and Tonic and Emma got the margarita pizza and a Pinot Grigio.  New York is expensive as it is so the Hilton wasn’t much more expensive than other places in New York and it was such a treat.


  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Rockefeller
  • Ice Bar
  • Empire State Building
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise
  • Broadway – Wicked

We planned most of our trip well in advance because we were only staying in New York for four nights so we wanted to make the most of it and see and do as much as possible in the time we had. We researched the main attractions we wanted to see and the best ways to go about booking them. We came across a few different ways and companies you could book with but in the end we decided to go with the “CityPass”. The citypass all the main attractions that we wanted to see. By booking the citypass you save money compared to buying separate tickets to each.

The CityPASS Includes

  1. The Empire State Building Experience
  2. American Museum of Natural History
  3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  4. Top of the Rock Observation Deck OR  Guggenheim Museum
  5. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island OR   Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
  6. 9/11 Memorial & Museum OR   Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

 More information on the citypass here @

The attraction we decided to do;

9/11 Memorial & Museum

We went to New York on the weekend of the 1oth Anniversary of 9/11. We decided to go to the 9/11 memorial & museum on the Friday because we knew it was going to be closed on the Sunday.

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard about the awful news of 9/11. To visit the 9/11 museum it really gave you an insight into how it effected New York city and the whole world. From the people who lost their lives, their family’s, survivors to the emergency services that risks their lives to save other. The 9/11 memorial and museum is a tribute to all the lives that were taking on that dreadful day and the museum really does tell a story that all the lives that were taking will never be forgotten. It was a very sad experience to walk around the museum but well worth the visit. I would give about 2 – 3 hours to go around the museum, you don’t want to rush around there’s so much information to take in and so many interesting facts.

With out citypass for the 9/11 memorial & museum we didn’t have to queue for long and were in nearly straight away also arrive early to avoid queues.


Brooklyn Bridge



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