Las Vegas, Nevada…. Where do I start?


The holiday of a life time

Set in the Mojave desert, Las Vegas is famous for its 24 gambling and incredible party lifestyle. Everywhere you walk along the strip, you will see people holding their over-sized slushee cocktails where they can be got from almost every street corner. This was one part of the Las Vegas lifestyle that took me a bit to get used to as we were not used to this at home as street drinking is policed.

Chilling by the Venetian waiting for our Gondola ride with out ‘Fat Tuesdays Slushees’

We flew from JFK to McCarren airport and on our decent to landing you could see the bright, vibrant and florescent lights of the city beaming into the airplane. We could also see the beam shining into the sky from the top of our hotel. Once we landed, we were bursting with excitement for the second leg of our trip and anticipating the exploring we could do that night. We took a taxi to our hotel which was ‘The Luxor’ and it only took a few minutes to get there. The Luxor is on the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip and its in the shape of a pyramid. The inside of the hotel was incredible, as if we had landed on a movie set. When people said its the Disneyland for adults you don’t believe it until you see it yourself. There was links to other hotels via a shopping mall between the two, food courts, entertainment centers and even a chapel.

Exterior of ‘The Luxor’
luxor 3
View from the balcony on the corridor’s of the hotel. This section of the hotel we stayed in had 2,500+ rooms and the tower blocks have 2,000 between them.

After exploring and getting our bearings we returned to our hotel room where we a room upgrade to a suite, with its own Jacuzzi in the room. We felt like we were in the ‘lap of luxury’ for the whole trip. Our room was located in the pyramid rooms which go up at an angle to the different floors. (Its a bit funny when you have had a few drinks) This hotel is a lovely place to stay on the southern end of the strip, however, if you are after a more central hotel along the strip you may want to stay want to spend a bit more money and stay in the MGM, Paris Paris or even Caesars Palace. Although, depending on your budget for your stay there is plenty options both on the strip and off it.

When exploring the strip we walked everywhere and we didn’t feel the need to use public transport unless we were far out and got a taxi to get back to our hotel. Not many people walk the strip and locals will tell you this as it is quite a long distance to cover it all. Its about 4 miles in total. There is the monorail, which you will see in the picture below in blue and this is very good to access the northern part of the strip and another good way to access the strip you can use the public bus called ‘The Deuce’ which run every few minutes along the strip.

Las Vegas Strip

What to do in Las Vegas

  • Go to see a show
  • Stratosphere tower
  • Sky dive over the Mojave desert
  • High Roller
  • Visit the Grand Canyon
  • Stop at the Hoover dam
  • Visit the Venetian to see the spectacular paintings of Venice
  • Ride a Gondola in the Venetian
  • Zip-line across Fremont street
  • Visit Caesars Palace (Simply to reenact the Hangover scene)
  • Take some time out to watch the show in front of the Bellagio hotel
  • Join a pub crawl and meet some new friends along the way
  • Get a free guest list to some of the most amazing clubs in the world
  • Gamble the night away and drink for free while you do
  • Take a helicopter over Las Vegas Skyline
  • Ride the Big Apple Coaster in New York, New York.
  • Cure your hangover by laying by the pool and soak up the sun

I think you may get my drift that Las Vegas has plenty to offer depending on what you want from your holiday.

Although I have a very long list of things to do on a visit to Vegas, I didn’t get to do them all as I felt we didn’t have enough time in the city. Some people will argue with you and say 4 days/nights is plenty of time in the city but it defiantly wasn’t for me. If I am to go back in the future (which I have said i will most certainly will go) I would go for a minimum of a week to ten days. Vegas is within driving distance to many other cities and even to do a day trip to them or even rent a car and drive to the Grand Canyon to have some freedom and spontaneity on the trip and not to be stuck to a schedule.  Other options in the city over a longer stay might include: going to the massive pool parties or even just catch a show. You defiantly wont be stuck for stuff to do along your way.


Visiting the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Day trip with Sky walk

The grand Canyon was a must for both of us while we were in Las Vegas. We bought our tickets in advance for this and we got them through the app ‘Viator’ and at the time there was a 10% discount for the different tours. So I got a good few of our tickets on here and saved around €70 on trips that were planed for New York and Las Vegas. Our tickets cost around €120 an that included a return bus journey, a stop at the Hoover Dam, Visit to the Gran Canyon , Lunch and the Sky walk which is an optional add on. The trip started at 6 am with collection from our hotel. (Very early i know but we got to see the sunrise peer through) We made our way on to our first stop which was the Hoover Dam, where we had a few minutes to explore the dam and the construction but not long enough to cross the state line by foot.

When we arrived we had 3.5 hours to spend in the grand canyon and there was 3 different points of interest at the southern rim of the canyon. We decided to skip the first stop and spend the most of our time at Eagle Point admiring the view and taking in the majesty and beauty of one of the 7 wonders of the world. At Eagle Point, we also had our ticket for the Sky walk. The Sky walk is a 70 foot glass bridge that is a horse shoe shape ledge which pears over the edge of the canyon and near the Colorado river. It had incredible panoramic views of the canyon. The next stop along the way was Guano Point, which again everyone will try to move you for their pictures but its a little bit more peaceful at this stop along the way.  This stop has the best view of the Colorado river.

*Be warned, that at both stops, it can get very busy with tourists and everyone will move and politely push you along so they can take their picture & for some people it really is all about getting that ‘I’ve been there’ picture and not appreciating the natural beauty.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pub Crawl & Night clubs

Everywhere you walk along the strip in Las Vegas you will get random people coming up to you to get onto their guest list to get into the clubs for free. This can be pretty cool as you will get to enter for free into some of the worlds best clubs and sometimes there could even be an international act playing. We got onto the guest list to see the Chainsmokers in Hakkasan @ the MGM but we ended up joining a pub crawl and landed in Omnia @ Caesars Palace. This is a very good option as we were just two friends who were out together it was a great way to meet people from around the world.

*Tips about clubs and pub crawls in Las Vegas

  • Clubs in Vegas are very different than those at home. All the seating areas are reserved and if you want to sit it will be table service and tipping is a given. (Comfortable shoes are a must when going out to avoid the need to sit down but again the security on the doors can be very strict on their dress code about clothing and footwear)
  • *Prinks (Pre-drinks) are essential to have a goodnight out as the drinks are very expensive. It can set you back $20 for just one drink (Vodka & mixer) Unless you have very deep pockets or a magic credit card this may be an option. Also, you could play on the slots for a few minutes and get a couple of drinks to warm you up for the night.
  • If you are willing to join onto a pub crawl be warned that nightclubs don’t fill up when you arrive to them and they will be quiet. However, as you are moving onto other clubs along the way you get a stamp system that you can return to the club later that night if you like.
  • But most important. You are on holiday so…. Have Fun!!

The Las Vegas sign

How could we forget about the infamous sign. On our last day we still had only seen the sign when we drove past on our bus returning from the Grand Canyon. We decided to walk from our hotel to the sign. Not a great idea to do when hungover and out in 30+ degrees of heat. (Again, Public transport services near the sign) There will be Queues of people waiting to get a picture and there is an ‘unofficial photographer’ there to take your pictures. Be warned, that as I said ‘unofficial’, as he may ask for tips for taking your picture and may be very rude if you don’t grace his hand with some dollar bills. Safe to say the photographer and I didn’t see eye to eye that day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas, Nevada…. Where do I start?

  1. I’ve only ever been to Vegas while underage but I’m hoping to make a return trip once I’m able to actually drink and have fun! I’m lowkey obsessed with how thorough this post is, btw.

  2. Great blog. This would have been helpful if I had discovered this before I went! We just shared about our experience at the south rim on our blog! Have a read if you get a chance!

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