2017 Travel Plans!

Money may fill your pockets but adventures fill your soul!

Of all the hobbies in the world I think that we possibly have the best of them all!! 2017 is jam packed with some European city breaks and our main holiday in South East Asia.

  • Amsterdam17903581_1501742466526055_2192232461288935224_n
  • Edinburgh
  • Thailand

There may be more along the way but this list is just the beginning of what we have planned for 2017. We may include some of our Ireland day trips along the way.

How did we decide on these three trips?

With not long being back into our daily routes from America (New York & Las Vegas) when we set the plans in motion to start saving for our next adventure and the first question we asked each other was ‘Where to next?’ Sonia had planted the seed to visiting the wonderful sites of Thailand. The scenic views, food, culture and heritage of the country I was beginning to follow in her thought process. We discussed it and if we were to go we would have to spend a few weeks to see the main sites and not miss out on anything. With that we had decided we would go to Thailand for 4 weeks between December/January.

With Christmas looming and Ryanair offering cheep flights, Amsterdam was calling us. What a wonderful decision it was as city of Amsterdam was the ideal destination for history, culture, art, architecture and much more.  In January this year, the three of us (Sonia, Alice and I) packed our cases and set off on the first of three planned trips together this year. (Blog post to follow on Amsterdam)

Our last group trip is a college reunion holiday and we are going for a long weekend to Edinburgh. We have always wanted to travel to Edinburgh but it never materalised  until now. Us four girls who lived together will meet again for a weekend of adventures. We still have another few month to this trip so if you have any recommendations or must do’s in the city please let us know 🙂

Emma xo


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